About Us

        留德华人化学化工学会南德分会 (CGCA-South)成立于2014年,隶属于留德华人化学化工学会,为非营利性协会组织。学会的主要目的是促进和加强学会成员之间的学术交流,促进尤其是南德地区(巴伐利亚和巴登符腾堡)留德学生学者之间多领域的交流,进而搭建和完善一个中德化学工作者之间的交流平台。我们随时欢迎新的学生学者及对化学,化工和材料科学以及相关专业感兴趣的同仁加入我们的行列!

CGCA-South was founded in 2014, is a branch of Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA), registered as Gemeinschaft chinesischer Chemiker und Chemieingenieur in Deutschland e.V. (GCCCD) (Köln, VR 17428). As a non-profit organization, CGCA-South aims to enhance academic exchanges between its members, to promote interdisciplinary exchanges between Chinese researchers in South Germany, and to establish exchanges between Chinese and German professionals in chemistry. Students, researchers or those who are interested in chemistry,chemical engineering, material science and related fields are welcome to join us.


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